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Connections between Shinkansen Lines, JR Lines and Keykiu Lines

first stop between tokyo and kyoto

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Shinagawa Station Entrance
Shinagawa station is an important transportation hub where are connected Shinkansen lines - first stop on the Tokaido line to Nagoya and Kyoto, JR Lines including JR Yamanote Line and Narita Express and the Keykiu Lines.

There is no connection with the Tokyo Metro lines but there are two bus stations on both sides of the station. For example limousine bus stop is on the east side.

The station has only two entrances (or exits): Takanawa Exit on the West side and Konan Exit on the East side.They are linked by a long corridor, which separates the south side and the north side.
Shinagawa Shinkansen
Hotels and restaurants are located on Takanawa side. On Konan side the area has changed a lot since since the Olympic Games in 1964. The shopping center Atre is located just at the entrance of the station. A few meters after the exit you will see a new buildings complex : Shinagawa Intercity which welcome offices  and restaurants.

The station has two floors. On the first floor, you will find the JR and Shinkansen platforms.On the second floor there are the Keykiu platforms which by an easy transfer bring you to Narita airport, Haneda airport, Yokohama and the Miura's peninsula ( not covered by the Japan Rail Pass).
On the south side, you will find the shopping zones where you can choose a bento among a various choice. On the north side the access to the platform is more direct, but this side can be useful if you are looking for coin lockers.

The Shinkansen area
is at the east of the station. Transfer from JR platforms is easy and direct.
If you come from the Yamanote line and if you have to take the Shinkansen in Shinagawa station (sometimes more convenient than from Tokyo Station depending on where you are staying in the city), it is not necessary to leave the JR station. Follow the notice boards. Depending from where you are coming from, you will arrive in the North Hall or South Hall.

Where to collect your Japan Rail Pass ?
To collect your Japan Rail Pass, you have to go to the JR Ticket Office located in the center of the station in the Main Hall.

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