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Japan Experience is a travel agency specialising in Japan, founded 32 years ago. Based in London, Paris, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan Experience aims to be Europe's leading specialist in travel in Japan, working with no middlemen, to bring its travelers:

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Japan Experience Team in LONDON

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Working in travel to Japan for many years, Sarah wants to share her enthusiasm and passion for this amazing destination to ensure you have a great trip.

Her travel tip: One of my favourite things to do when in Kyoto is cycling around Arashiyama. Cycle over the Togetsukyo Bridge, visit the bamboo forest, discover the persevered streets of this picturesque part of North Western Kyoto. On a visit to Japan, you must try okonomiyaki, one of my favourite dishes, which is a cross between a pancake and an omelette.

Japan experience team in Paris

MichikoContact to Japan Experience Team in Paris
As an Osaka native, Michiko has inherited the friendly and spirited attitude that characterized her hometown and shares it now with co-workers and customers.

Her travel tip: At dusk, board on one of the boats that floats down the Yodo river toward the Dotonbori district. Admire its glowing lights and try there the best of Osaka's culinary specialties.
ThierryContact to Japan Experience Team in Paris
Kyoto's thousands of temples and alleys have no secret for Thierry. Follow him through this labyrinth of history and culture.

His travel tip: The best way to visit Kyoto is behind a handlebar ! This human-sized city unveils new treasures wheel at every wheel spin.
Contact to Japan Experience Team in Paris
From Hokkaido to Kyushu and from Kyoto to Tokyo, Claude epitomizes the passion for travel and knows the archipelago inside out.

His travel tip: Hop in a steam locomotives on Hokkaido island and behold its wild sceneries in the most charming way.

japan experience team in japan

DanielContact to Japan Experience Team in Kyoto Japan
Madly in love with Kyoto, Daniel fills the air of the old capital with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Whether you feel like enjoying a traditional meal, sharing a drink or taking a meditative walk, just trust him! He knows all the city's best places.

His travel tip : Before catching your train, make sure to be early at the station. You'll find theredelicious trail meals called bentô. Travelers bring them on board to relish culinary specialties while enjoying the scenery through the window.
LaetitiaContact to Japan Experience Team in Kyoto Japan
Laetitia has been living in the electrifying Tokyo for 10 years already. Fascinated by Arts and History, she likes to saunter along the hallways of galleries and museums when she is not playing some flowing tune on her ukulele.

Her travel tip : In winter, follow the flavorsome smell of roasted meat coming out from the “tachinomi”. These tiny shops offer hot sake and various japanese dishes to savor while standing up at the counter. Warm atmosphere and cheap but tasty food, the recipe of happiness !
SakiContact to Japan Experience Team in Kyoto Japan
After living in various big cities of the archipelago, Saki chose the gorgeous Kyoto to settle down. Proud to be Japanese and fluent in English, she is always glad to share her knowledge and her love for her native country.

Her travel tip : Remember to check the dates of “Golden Week” when you plan your trip to Japan. In spring, during this week of national holidays, Japanese families rush into touristy spots and hotels... avoid it if you are looking for a peaceful stay!

what we offer

Vacation rental house with Japan Experience

Rent a traditional Japanese house in Tokyo or Kyoto and enjoy a unique Japanese experience.

Tour trip in Japan with Japan Experience

Benefit from the expertise of our tour specialists to create your itinerary, in a group, individually or à la carte.
Travel Angel : Japan Experience

Japan Experience's exclusive service! Here to welcome you to your house they are also available throughout your stay to help you enjoy a worry free trip.
Activities in Japan with Japan Experience

Submerge yourself in the traditional Japanese culture! Enjoy the beauty of the nature in Kyoto. Stroll around the city, shop, discover restaurants and temples in the company of a local ! Experience Japan in a new way!
Car Rental with Japan Experience

Thanks to Japan Experience, you can now ride freely on board of one of our GPS equipped vehicles.Read our travel tips and common questions sections and realize that driving in Japan has never been so easy!


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