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The Kamikochi Line

Access to alpine adventures

alpico line starting from matsumoto 

Kamikochi Line from Matsumoto
The Kamikochi Valley is in the heart of the Japanese Alps in the Chubu Sangaku National Park. It is only open to visitors from April to November. Here, walkers of all levels are catered for. A relaxed family walk or alpine hiking for the more experienced, anything is possible.

To preserve natural environment, private cars are restricted in Kamikochi area. Access is well organized from Matsumoto or Takayama for a day trip or more.

Kamikochi Line in Matsumoto
Starting from Matsumoto Station, 50 min from Nagano, the Kamikochi Line or Matsumoto Dentetsu Line brings you to Shin-Shimashima station (30 min). From there a shuttle bus takes to Kamikochi (1 hour). 

As the transport is non JR, the Japan Rail Pass is not valid on the Kamikochi Line.
Hiking in Kamikochi Valley
It was Walter Weston (1861-1940), an English missionary, who introduced recreational mountaineering in Japan. He also popularized the term "Japanese Alps" after publishing the book 'Mountaineering and Exploration in the Japanese Alps'.

Today you have many itineraries to discover the valley : from the Lake Taisho or the Kappa Bridge, you can walk along the Azusa River to Myojin Bridge or Tokusawa area ( tours from 2 hours to 6 hours).

Learn more about Kamikochi in the Japan Experience Guide.

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