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The JR Yokosuka Line

Access to Yokohama and Kamakura with a Japan Rail Pass

travel with the JR YOKOSUKA LINE around tokyo 

The JR Yokosuka Line with a Japan Rail Pass
The JR Yokosuka Line connects Tokyo Station to Yokohama, Kamakura, Zushi, Yokosuka and Kurihama and is covered with a Japan Rail Pass.

Some trains are connected directly to Chiba via the Sobu Line. 

The JR Yokosuka line was one of the first railway in Japan. The initial purpose was to connect the new military harbour of Yokosuka to Ofuna.

Travel to Yokohama with a Japan Rail Pass
Along the JR YOKOSUKA LINE29 KM  - 0h32 - Yokohama StationYokohama Station is about half an hour from Tokyo. It provides access to Chinatown, Landmark Tower and Minato Mirai district close to the sea.

49,5 KM - 0h55 - OFUNA STATIONOfuna station is in a middle of a big commercial area. You can change here to Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Shibuya and Shinjuku. 

2 minutes walk west along the Kashio River, you  will  find the Ofuna Kannon Temple with its 25 meter high Buddha statue.

52 KM - 0H58 - KITA KAMAKURA STATIONKita Kamakura station is very to the famous zen temple Engaku-ji.
Travel to Kamakura with the JR Yokosuka line and with a Japan Rail pass
54 KM - 1H00 - Kamakura station Kamakura is a lovely town by the sea, located to the south of Tokyo. It counts 65 Buddhist temples and 19 Shinto shrines, located throughout the town and in the surrounding hills.

In Kamakura Station, you can take the Enoden Line to explore the city, to go to Hase and its wondeful Hasedera temple and visit the Daibutsu. With the Enoden Line you can also reach Enoshima. 

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58 KM - 1H05 - Zushi station Zushi is a pleasant seaside resort. 
65 KM - 1H20 - YOKOSUKA station Yokosuka station  is near the Yokosuka US military base. 

73 KM - 1H 27 - KURIHAMA Station

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