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Following a survey in 2016 in which visitors mentioned a lack of wifi in train cars, the government and the railway company announced recently that free wifi will be launched on bullets train from May. Indeed during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, many visitors will use shinkansen lines.

In may, JR East will launch free wifi on its Tohoku Shinkansen (Tokyo-Sendai-Morioka), Hokuriku Shinkansen (Tokyo-Nagano-Kanazawa) and Akita Shinkansen. Little by little all the trains of this line will be equipped with wifi.

In 2020, all Yamagata Shinkansen Line and all Joetsu Shinkansen Line (Tokyo - Niigata) will be also equipped with wifi. 

Learn more about the shinkansen network.
The kyushu shinkansen with a Japan Rail Pass
On Tokaido Lines ( Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka), Central Japan Railway is planning to introduce free wifi in september 2018. Wifi is already available in main stations

On Kyushu shinkansen and Hokkaido shinkansen, the services may be ready at the end of the year. 

There are also plans to introduce free wifi in Limited Express as recently in the new Limited express to Hakone

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