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Best Shinkansen spots in Tokyo

Shinkansen in Tokyo

tokyo and shinkansen

The shinkansen is a symbol of Japan, do not leave your trip without a beautiful picture of this iconic train.Of course if you travel with a Japan Rail Pass, you will have the opportunity to take the shinkansen and photograph it. However if you stay in Tokyo during your trip or if you want to have an overview, here are our best spots.

view FROM kitte - near tokyo station

The Kitte building is on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station, to the left of the square as you leave the station. In the building, take the elevator to the rooftop. You will see the arrival of shinkansen from the Tokaido line and the shinkansen departures to the North.
Best shinkansen spot in Tokyo
The view of the forecourt of the station is also worth seeing.
Tokyo Station

view from tamachi station - yamanote line

At the Tamachi station, the JR Yamanote line tracks are very close to the shinkansen lines for Nagoya and Kyoto. To learn more about the route between Tokyo and Nagoya : click here.
You can also stay in the station and walk at the end of the footbridge, near the top of the escalator. You will have a nice view of the monorail to Haneda airport.
The monorail to Haneda International Airport with a Japan Rail Pass

view from kotsukaikan - yurakucho

 The Kotsu Kaikan building is in Yurakucho, in front of the Muji shop. Once inside, take the elevator to the third floor.An outdoor terrace overlooks the shinkansen pathways.
A beautiful view on Shinkansen from Kotsu Kaikan
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