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Discover Shin-Osaka Station 

The shinkansen station in Osaka 

the tokaido and the sanyo shinkansen

The JR Hall in Shin-Osaka with your Japan Rail Pass
If you are using your Japan Rail Pass to ride the bullet train to Osaka, you will arrive at Shin Osaka Station. 

Shin-Osaka is an important connection point in the shinkansen network as you can ride the Tokaido Shinkansen (JR Central) to Kyoto, Nagoya or Tokyo and the Sanyo Shinkansen (JR West) to Hiroshima Station and Hakata Station (Fukuoka).

In fact it is only one stop from Osaka Station with the express trains ( Kyoto Line Rapid Service or Special Rapid Service). Follow the sign to transfer to the JR area where tracks are well indicated.

The JR Hall in Shin-Osaka with your Japan Rail Pass
The mail hall and gates ( Shinkansen Central Entrance Gates and South Gates, JR East Gate) are on the third floor and the platforms are on the second floor.

EXCHAnge your japan rail passThere are three possibilities for exchanging your Japan Rail Pass : the JR West East Ticket Office, the JR Central Ticket office and the JR West Travel Corner.

CONNECTION with osaka subwayIn Shin Osaka Station you can also transfer to Osaka Subway ( Midosuji Subway Line) and to the Limousine bus for Itami Airport ( at the first floor).
JR Connections Guide in Shin Osaka Station with your Japan Rail Pass
SHIN-OSAKA STATION - KANSAI AIRPORTFrom Shin-Osaka it takes only 50 minutes to go to Kansai International Airport with a limited Express Hakura.

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