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A  Steam train is back in Nikko

From Kinugawa Onsen to Shimoimachi

travel with a steam Train in Japan

A steam train is back in Nikko
Except at the Kyoto Railway Museum, it is quite rare to ride a steam train in Japan. 

Since August, 10, a C11-207 locomotive make the journey between Kinugawa Onsen and Shimoimachi.

The initiative comes from the private regional railway company, Tobu Railways, which has put back on track a disappeared railway model for more than 50 years with the help of several other private companies, including the Hokkaido Railways.
Nikko National Parks with a Japan Rail Pass
The train is scheduled to be in service for about 100 days during 2017-2018 fiscal year traveling three round trips between Shimo-Imaichi and Kinugawa Onsen, including weekends.

It can indeed be a good way to explore the Nikko area.
Nikko is famous for its religious complex and in particularly for the Toshogu Shrine and the Nikko National Pars offers beautiful landscapes. 

Kinugawa onsen is a hot spring town. Not far is Nikko Edomura, a theme park that offers immersion in the Edo period.
Nikko religious complex with a Japan Rail Pass
"We hope that the steam train will become a permanent tourist attraction," said Tobu Railways Chairman Yoshizumi Nezu ( KYODO NEWS ).

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