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The New Sanyo-San'in Regional Pass

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Starting in March of 2015, the JR Sanyo-Sanin Regional Pass (JR West pass) is new and improved.Officially called the Sanyo-San’in Pass, the updated regional pass covers a much wider area of western Japan.

What's new

The new area of coverage includes places of note such as Izumo Shrine in Shimane, Tottori (and its famous sand dunes), Tsuruga in Fukui, known for its great beaches, as well as Takamatsu and Uno Stations, access points to Naoshima art island.

Another new update is the duration of the pass: the Sanyo-San’in Pass is now 7-days only (ample time to visit the many cities in the area!).

What's unchanged

The original perk of the Sanyo pass remains the same: passholders are able to travel on all shinkansen on the Sanyo Line, which runs between Shin-Osaka Station and Hakata Station. This even includes the Nozomi Shinkansen!

The pass also covers Limited Express JR trains that run through the western regions, including the Haruka (from Kansai Airport to Osaka and Kyoto), the Thunderbird, Kuroshio, and more.

important notes

Please note that you may not continue on after Shin-Osaka or Hakata on the Nozomi.

This regional pass voucher cannot be exchanged outside of the region.

Please be sure to exchange your voucher at one of the following stations: Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Osaka, Sannomiya, Kansai-airport, Nara, Wakayama, Okayama, Sakaiminato, Yonago, Tottori, Matsue, Hiroshima, Shin-Shimonoseki, Shimonoseki, Kokura, Hakata

Your Pass at the best price

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JR Shikoku Pass From £ 70
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