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Discover Kyoto Station - Your Japan Rail Pass 

Not only a station

3 stationS In 1

As many big station in Japan, Kyoto Station means more than a hub of transportation. Within the station you can find a big information center, numerous shops, restaurants and of course facilities.
Kyoto station on the North Side
Kyoto Station is a big building, where platforms are divided into three different parts.

The shinkansen platforms are located on the 2F and 3F on the Hachijo Side ( South Side), this consists of a big hall with a main central entrance (The Shinkansen Central Gate) and 4 platforms :
- Platforms 11 and 12 : boarding for trains to Nagoya and Tokyo
 - Platform 13 and 14 : boarding for trains to Shin Osaka and Hakata ( Fukuoka)

The JR Lines platforms are on the 1F. The main Central Gate, on the North side, also called the Karasuma side, give access to platforms 0, 30, 31, 32, 33. To go to the other train platforms (2 to 10) you will have to use the 2F walkway.
With 4 platforms, the Kintetsu station is in front of the main Central Shinkansen Gate on Hachijo side. The Kintestsu Lines can be useful to go to Nara or Ise, however they are not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

To connect with the subway (Karasuma Line) you will have to follow the Subway signs follow to the lower levels.

To connect with a bus, follow the signs to the bus  station which is situated on the north side. Note that you can now pay with IC Card in Kyoto bus

To collect your Japan Rail Pass, you can go either to the JR Ticket Office near the Central Gate or the ticket office near the Shinkansen Hachijo Ticket Gate.

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