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Navigating Hiroshima Station

hiroshima station

Whether you're passing through to head straight to Miyajima island, taking a day trip to pay your respects at the Genbaku Dome, or exploring this beautiful, modern city and surrounding prefecture for a few days, Hiroshima Station is sure to be a major stop on your trip through Japan with a Japan Rail Pass or Sanyo Pass.

jr shinkansen 

Several lines of the JR Shinkansen pass through Hiroshima Station, all on the Sanyo Line. The Nozomi and Sakura Shinkansen stop at Hiroshima; however, with one or two exceptions, if you are traveling from Kyoto or Tokyo to Hiroshima with your Japan Rail Pass, you will need to transfer from the Hikari bullet train to the Sakura at Shin-Osaka station.

JR Sanyo Line and others

Non-shinkansen lines are also available on the JR Sanyo Line; notably, this line will take you to Miyajimaguchi Station, where you will need only to cross the street to reach the port for access to Miyajima Island (the JR ferry works with your pass!).

For adventurers wanting to explore the western countryside of Japan, this station also has access to the Kabe, Kure, and Geibi JR Lines, which stretch across Hiroshima Prefecture.

other train lines

The city center, as well as some outskirts and suburbs, is best accessed using the city's extensive tram network. Four out of its eight lines pass by the main station. Unfortunately, your JR Pass does not allow you to ride the city transportation for free.

points of interest

From the main station, the "Maple-oop" bus runs to the Peace Park and Memorial, as well as Shukkeien, every thirty minutes. JR Pass holders can ride this bus for free!

Hiroshima station also connects to a growing shopping center, and a great taste of one of the city's famous foods, Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, is just across the street! For more details, be sure to check out our free guidebook, available with your rail pass order.

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