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How to go from Tokyo to Nagoya ?

Along the Southern coast of Honshu, the Japanese Main Island

ride from tokyo TO nagoya the motor city

Shinagawa Station
The Shinkansen Tokaido Line which runs between Tokyo to Kyoto is Japan's busiest trainline. The part Tokyo Nagoya represents 366 km and 1h46 with a Hikari Shinkansen. Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan, stands as a hub connecting the Alps, Kyoto, Osaka and the Kii Peninsula. Here are the stations along the journey. Travel time is the fastest one.

Located on the Yamanote Line, this station, which is less crowded than Tokyo station, is a convenient place to board the Shinkansen. If you are connecting with the Narita Express, then it is also a much easier to transfer than the huge hub of Tokyo station. Connections are also available with  the Tokaido, Keihin-Tohoku, Yokosuka, and Sobu main lines.
Mount Fuji from Moto Hakone
29 KM - 0H18 - SHIN-YOKOHAMA STATION This station is a few stations away from Yokohama 's famous Chinatown with some of the best Chinese food in japan.
84 KM - 0H35 - ODAWARA STATIONThe main gateway to Hakone, Odawara has a very impressive, if not completely authentic, castle with an observation platform at the top with good views.
105 KM - 0H39 - ATAMI STATIONAmati is a famous spa town that becomes busy with crowds of visitors from Tokyo. it is the home city of the Oyu geyser and the grave of a scottish terrier " Poor Toby". Connections are accessible to the Izu peninsula.
Mount Fuji from the Tokaido Shinkansen
Mishima is the gateway to Hakone and Mt Fuji. Change here and again at Namazu for trains to Gotemba, a starting point if you wish to climb Mt Fuji.
146 KM - 1H08 - SHIN FUJI STATIONMt Fuji starts to make appearance from this point though in the foreground there is a lot of industrial activity.  Take a window seat on the right side of the train to spot Mt Fuji on the way to Tokyo to Nagoya. It is one of the ten best views by train in Japan.

180 KM - 1H02 - SHIZUOKA STATIONShizuoka is the center of one of the finest green tea growing areas in the country. At a short bus journey from the station, you will find the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine.
The Kunozan Toshogu Shrine in Shizuoka
229 KM -1H45 - KAKEGAWA STATION An impressive castle is situated just a few hundred meters north of the station. It was the first castle to be rebuilt in wood using the original methods instead of concrete.

257 KM -1H29 - HAMAMATSU STATIONThe "Japan 's City of Music" is rumoured to have the monopoly on Japan's piano production. Located just by the station, you can visit the Museum of Musical Instruments, which is the only high rise in the city.

294 KM - 2H20 - TOYOHASHI STATION Change here for the JR Iida Line, one of the most remote train lines in Japan. This takes you right through some of the finest green tea production areas in Japan.

336 KM - 2H02 - MIKAWA - ANJO STATION This is the last stop before Nagoya and well into urban sprawl leading into the city.

366 KM - 1H40 - NAGOYA STATION Nagoya station is a busy but accessible station. In Nagoya the Tokaido shinkansen continue to Kyoto via Maibara.

discover nagoya
What to see in Nagoya ?

What to see ?

From there take the Chuo Line to Ozone Station and make a stop at the Tokugawa Art Museum to discover a gorgeous collection of artefacts, including a precious 12th century illustrated scroll of the Tale of Genji.

The Nagoya Castle was built in 1662 but was entirely destroyed during the war. It was partly reconstructed in 1959. Sitting on the top of the dungeon are two golden dolphin's, the city's mascots.

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Where to stay in Nagoya

Where to Stay ?

3-23-13 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, 450-0002
Tel : 052-300-1111 / http://www.the-royalpark.jp/canvas/nagoya/en/
This hotel is conveniently located in a highly visible location on Sakura-dori, a five minute walk from the station ( Sakuradori Exit).

4-15-23 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-0008
Tel : 052-241-1500 / nagoya.theb-hotels.com/en
With its modern rooms and its excellent situation in the area of Sakae, The B Nagoya has a relaxing ambience and provides free Wi-Fi.

Where to eat in Nagoya ?

Where to eat ?

Across from the main post office, north of JR Station's Sakura Exit.
Open Monday to Friday from 5pm to 11pm, on weekends 5 pm to 3 am.
Tel : 05-2581-9130 / www.ug-gu.co.jp/restaurant/daikoro/nagoya.html
This classic izakaya where a 9.5 foot-tall bronze Buddha sits enthroned at the center of the main room, has inventive tofu dishes and decent sashimi sets.

Across the road from the eye-catching Nadya Park Building, halfway between the Fushimi and Yoba-cho subway stations.
Open daily, 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 10 pm
Come here for a big, steming bowl of misonikomi udon, a hearty, miso-based broth with green onions and mushrooms. A simple, but authentic restaurant.
Tel:05-2241-5617 /yamamotoya.co.jp/day/index.html

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