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Automn colors by train 

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koyo-red leaf season

Kurobe gorge in Autumn
In Japan, Autumn means with colorful garden and forest. To view the red leaf (Momiji-gari) many places can be reach by rail. Here is our selection.

KUROBE GorgeAs the largest and deepest gorge in Japan, Kurobe Gorge is 80 km long and one of the best spot to see colourful landscape.
You can reach the station departure with a connection in Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Access : How to reach Kurobe Unazuki Onsen Station ?
Autmun colors in Miyajima with a Japan Rail Pass
MOMIJIDANI PARK IN MIYAJIMAThe Momijidani (valley of the maple trees) park is in the heart of Miyajima island. In Autumn, the maple trees leaf are beautiful from red to orange.

Miyajima can be easily reached in about 40 minutes from Hiroshima Station.

Access : How to reach Miyajima
Kyoto - ARASHIYAMAThe scenery in the bucolic Arashiyama District is particularly gorgeous in autumn. Nestled in the mountains close to the romantic River Hozu, it has been celebrated since the Heian period (794-1185) for its cherry blossoms and momiji. Enjoy Koyo - autumn leaf colors - from late November by strolling through the temples (Tenriyuji for exemple), riding the Sagano Scenic Railway or admiring the gorges of Hozu by boat.

Access : How to reach Arashiyama ?
Rikugien garden is very famous for its autumn colors. Visitors can admire the reddening tree leaves from the top of its small hills. There is a lake, but also one of the largest maple forests of the capital.
From November to December the Edo Garden is also beautifully illuminated as night falls.

Access : JR Komagome Station along the JR Yamanote Line or Komagome Station ( Namboku and Mita Lines)
NIKKO Nikko is the ideal destination for a breath of fresh air along with a great excursion to discover Japanese history and culture, all just outside Tokyo. Hiking around Nikko and the Chuzenji Lake in Autumn can be a great experience.

Access Tokyo-Nikko : Choosing your itinerary 

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