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Sergio G. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

The service provided was good, I got the pass according to schedule and everything worked as planned. The only thing that would be better is if the days were not consecutive, but I know that´s not up to you. \n\nCheers!

william L. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

The information provided in the package made it easy once we arrived.

William R. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

My wife and I went to Japan for our honeymoon. It was our first time in your wonderful country and Japan Rail Pass made it that much more special!\n***

MAKIKO B. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

Nothing to say, all good!

Yuki C. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

Easy to use, convenient and prompt service. All around good experience.

Jessica B. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

It was super easy to redeem when in Japan for the voucher. The shinkansen was easy to order tickets for. It made travelling around Japan so simple and easy. We were able to use it for most of our transportation around and between tokyo and kyoto.

Jessica N. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

SIM card and pasmo cards arrived extremely quick and worked as described. Will purchase from Japan Rail Pass again for future trips!

Anne T. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

Fast and easy purchase. Arrived promptly with relevant information. No hidden charges

Yonatan H. - Dec 16 2017 - 4/5

It was ok... A little bit hard to buy and activate, but the whole experience was alright!\nThanks

ROSEMARY S. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Pass was awesome! Was able to travel on the main lines and travel on the Shinkansin which was superb. I would definately purchase a pass again if and when I return to Japan. Thank you very much.

Edward C. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

Excellent service from supplier. Easy to redeem at Narita. Great way to travel

Ginger V. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

This pass is expensive but such a steal!! We were able to bonce from several different cities without ever having to purchased a ticket and it got there faster then the subway! We loved our passes very much!

Marcin P. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

It's very convenient to travel with JR Pass even if cost of all train rides are cheeper or equal to JR pass price.\nIt would be great to change that "big book" to the plastic or a half smaller.

Samuel W. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

Easy to use and with the services that we need. Great work team!

Tsutomu N. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

delivery was very prompt.

Yuli H. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

Very efficient and reliable.

Deborah R. - Dec 16 2017 - 5/5

The pass was easy to use and staff at JR offices were very helpful when we needed to book.

Matthew G. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Buying our JR train passes and Pasmo cards from Japan Experience made our trip ten times easier than the last time I was in Japan. I can't recommend it enough.

Lisa H. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

It’s so easy to book reserve seats on the Shinkansen trains without extra fees with the JR pass. It’s so worth the money. With my 3 weeks pass I traveled to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sapporo & Tokyo by the bullet trains plus local JR railway & even JR ferry. It’s awesome. Highly recommend.

Allan R. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was very useful and good value.

Eva W. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

My rail passes were lost in the mail a few days before our flight to Japan. Had a very pleasant interaction with customer support, who expedited our package to make sure we'd get our passes on time. We had no problems redeeming it once on the ground in Japan. Convenient, fast, and responsive!

Thanh L. - Dec 15 2017 - 4/5

It's very convenient and fast. However, I wish the newest Shinkansen were available for using JR pass.

Jacqueline H. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Aloha, I use you every year when I go to Japan. Great service and fast delivery.\nI will be back in 2018.***

James L. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

The pass worked perfectly, made traveling on the bullet train, regular train between cities and around Tokyo seamlessly. The staff at the station and on the trains were very friendly and helpful.

Debra S. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

We both loved our time in Japan and traveled many many times on bullet trains and JAR lines. The use of the rail pass was made the travel easy. We would recommend that you find a time to visit the JAR office when it is not busy to book all your trips at beginning of holiday.

Keith M. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Excellent on time service, signage in English, cleanliness of cars

Zoya K. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

The Japan Rail pass was easy to use and cost effective given the amount of traveling I did in Japan. I also appreciated the extremely fast shipping once I ordered the pass, and the detailed map and instructions within the delivery packet.

Steven O. - Dec 15 2017 - 4/5

Worked great, a little difficult to use when you don't speak Japanese but I got used to it.

Wade M. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

We initially experienced a little difficulty, due to the language barrier. Once we found English signs and asked for help when needed, the pass was invaluable. Great value for money and our time in Japan wouldn't have been as well spent without this. Never travel to Japan without this pass.

Andrew F. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Purchasing the pass was easy. Activating the pass in Tokyo was simple and we loved travelling on JR trains. My only advice would be to allowed at least 15 minutes when changing platforms at somewhere like Nagoya and probably more in bigger cities.

Elliot M. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

I had a near-perfect experience with the JR Pass. It was shipped quickly, and I was able to exchange it as soon as I arrived at Narita. The ONLY issue I had is that we encountered a typhoon and the primarily-paper-pass was drenched, and unless they laminate it pre-mailing, there's no helping that.

Charles R. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Thank you very much for providing the JRail pass at an affordable rate and for having a quick delivery. Due to your superior service, my husband and I were able to plan a last minute trip to Japan and travel with ease. We appreciate the friendly customer service we received as well.

Kaye K. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

I have used your service for the last few years to purchase my Japan rail pass and have always been very impressed with the service, cost, and speed at which the pass arrives at my home. This last time I purchased the "Japan by Rail" book and found this to be most helpful.. Many thanks.. K

YEAP J. - Dec 15 2017 - 4/5

the pass need to be hard copy and it quite hard to bring along from home to travel and time to time have to caring it, and the size quite big maybe can consider made it a card size so that people easy to caring like an identity card

Ching Hwee K. - Dec 15 2017 - 4/5

The pass make our journey easy and fast when taking the JR train. We also save a lot of money in the transportation by using the pass.

Christopher B. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Using the JR Pass was very convenient, staff would quickly allow us through the gates when shown the pass. The only issue is when the staff are occupied with other customers who are enquiring or are arguing about having the wrong train pass, this delays everyone else and on more than one occasion.

RAFAEL S. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

The process of ordering overseas, and collection at the airport was flawless, very pleasant and helpful personnel.\nUsing the pass was easy and saved lots of time. Personnel at the checking points were very polite and helpful.\nWill definitely use the jr pass system again

Bronwen E. - Dec 15 2017 - 4/5

The only issues with a JR pass is the queues to get exchange your voucher and on busy stations the queues to go through a gate with inspectors available. Otherwise a great product.

DANIEL, LEI PHENG K. - Dec 15 2017 - 4/5

Staff is very friendly and helpful, although a few times the direction is a bit confusing, yet I managed to get around. Thank you and please keep it up.

Scott P. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Convenient, make taking JR easier.

Bryon R. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

I am still currently on my trip to Japan and so far my experiences with the Japan Rail Pass has been amazing! I had absolutely no problem exchanging my voucher for the pass at the JR office at Narita airport, and I have had no problem using it to get on JR lines within Tokyo!

Delbert S. - Dec 15 2017 - 5/5

Excellent value and super convenient. I only wish we had as good a train system in America

JOHN I. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

Expeditious service at a good price.

Victoria P. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

Great costumer service with clean, timely transportation at every corner.

Tristan B. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

A brilliant way to get round Japan - though I would suggest you have the option to choose an amount of days between 1 week and 2 weeks.

Dafne-Lukia F. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

getting the railpass & the ticket was very easy, just as finding the right plattform/trains etc \nwould definitely buy it again

MASTURA N. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

My travels go smoothly with japan rail pass

Brian K. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

Quick shipping, easy instructions to redeem the pass, and good price.

Carl Y. - Dec 14 2017 - 4/5

Once we obtained the passes, they worked great. There were the best way to travel.\n\nWe had difficulty finding the Japan Rail office to validate the passes—that part of the process needs improvement.

Seth M. - Dec 14 2017 - 5/5

Totally worth the money if you plan to travel at all while in Country. Superbly easy to use. Only thing I would improve is info on trains that are not available with the pass. We ran into one in the bay area and it cost us much extra to get a cab.

4,8 / 5
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