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Sandra G. - Nov 17 2019 - 4/5

The price was up front , the shipping was free, it arrived quickly\n\nThe form has changed so was a little hard to fill out. I have used this website many times

Robert E. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Overall at totally perfect experience. Between doing our research on Hyperdia and getting our reservations from the good people at the station, we never had anything other than a great experience. This trip we ventured much more off the Shinkansen route, taking lots of local trains.

Kendall S. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Wonderful—made it so we could visit so many different areas of Japan in the easiest way possible, not having to make prior reservations, allowing flexibility!

Steven S. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Whilst travelling in Japan I would advise that you book your seats as early as you can as the non-bookable carriages can get very busy.

Motti S. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Very good service

DY SITI NURUL ASYIKEN A. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Very efficient! As well as it saves a lot, especially travelling on JR lines in cities.

Ian S. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Excellent information online to enable you to make the right choice. Fast delivery of passes with helpful instructions on how to use when in Japan. Easy to use and worth it if you intend to travel a lot on JR .

Linda H. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

The rail pass allow us to travel with ease and comfortably throughout our visit in Japan. Will purchase a rail pass when we return to Japan. Thank you!

Graeme T. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

The pass allowed freedom of movement, I can see no downside.

Ofir A. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

was great

Gretchen Y. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

The Japan rail pass was easy to purchase and easy to use!

Roni F. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

very good experience with Japan Rail Pass. if it can be with an electronic card it will be better just not to get it out every time you need it.

Violaine M. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Very good customer experience.

Cora D. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

Always use the Japan rail pass when I travel to Japan each year. Best cost savings for rail travel.

Zoey W. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

The whole process from ordering my rail pass to using it while in Japan was extremely easy. Since I traveled a lot, the pass saved me money and made it easy for me to get around. I would get it again.

Harry H. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

As always, using the Pocket WIFI, was a good experience. It operated perfectly throughout our trip. Whenever we go to Japan, we will use it over and over, again. The pick up and drop-off was convenient too.

Sheila O. - Nov 17 2019 - 5/5

The service was amazing and all of the staff were so helpful.

catherine G. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

very smooth transaction

Rosemary S. - Nov 16 2019 - 4/5

Very convenient- however would like the option to take the Nozomi trains, even if there were a fee for these. Sometimes it can be very difficult finding trains which are not Nozomi for the route and schedule desired - typically only one an hour for Hakata or Sakura trains.

Jeffrey E. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

This 2 week Japan Rail Pass met all our expectations for Travel in Japan. Outstanding value, easy to use, easy to get accurate answers to all our questions by friendly associates.

Konstantinos G. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Everything went us planned. At the Station the employees were very helpful and we found everything with ease. *** *** was a life savour, because we travelled almost all the south japan without a single problem or delay.

Aditya J. - Nov 16 2019 - 4/5

The JR pass was great in Tokyo and for getting from Tokyo to Kyoto/Osaka, but I wish it worked on more trains/buses in Osaka & Kyoto.

Dustin B. - Nov 16 2019 - 4/5

Very good experience overall. I did not initially know that reservations for future Green Car seats could be reserved for future dates covered by my passes. I thought I could only reserve for seats the same day. It would also be beneficial to have a scan option to pass through gates.

Alan L. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Very satisfied with the product, absolutely magnificent value for money, especially for an international sports event like RWC, where games were hosted in multiple locations.\nWould be great to extend its use for the underground systems in each city. At least create a sister pass for this.

Guy R. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Everything was super convenient

Colin A. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Works great with app; great value.

Wilfried V. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Everything went easy during our trip: trains on time and comfortable, staff very, very helpfull, signs and infopanels in stations highly lisable and informative, …

Matt K. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Service was smooth, and instructions were clear. Made travelling really easy, and was good value, too.

Simona K. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

The whole experience was amazing. Thank you.

Michael M. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Great delivery speed, clear information, easy to use rail pass.\nHad some minor difficulty with SIM card, but after rebooting phone a few times it worked fine.

Roy A. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Excellent train service, easy to use by tourists and always on time. Every office of the Japan Rail Pass is very efficient, signs within each train station make the service highly accessible. The Pass also enables you to quickly reach all platforms & transit within stations (also in Tokyo).

Clee R. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Our experience with Japan Rail Pass was excellent. We saved quite a bit on our Shinkansen tickets and were able to use the Tokyo Metro lines and Narita Express too. The JR Pass was very easy to use at the train stations and the JR personnel were always very courteous and helpful. Thank you!

LARRY A. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

Very easy to use, no problems. Perhaps provide better maps of tokyo and kyoto

Mario M. - Nov 16 2019 - 5/5

The rail pass experience in the JR system was delightful. The rail pass employees were professional and helpful. The trains and stations were clean and well kept. All construction areas were marked and alternative routes clearly defined.

Johannes Benjamin O. - Nov 15 2019 - 4/5

Really liked the service offered. My Railpass was here within 3 Days. Only 4 stars because: \nFirst time i called, there was *** speaking support. Second time i called, there was a French tape. Third time was English. That can be confusing, especially, if one doesn't speak these languages

Steven Z. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

No problems, quick and easy to use, convenient, made my trip very smooth

Samuel O. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

Quick delivery as usual.

Caitlin C. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

Very happy with this service. Have used several times when travelling to Japan and will continue to use in future.

Laurent H. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

The JR Pass is a great value and allowed us to travel easily around Japan

Alexandra C. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

My Japan Rail Pass was very efficient and worth the money! I loved the convenience of not having to prepurchase individual tickets.

John S. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

Fast shipping

Bert F. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5


Suzanne C. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

It was easy to use. I appreciated that there were signs in the station to mark clearly where to get help with rail pass reservations.

Andrew R. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

Very satisfied with the experience. Easy to navigate and understand.

Nobuko O. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

All services were good and smooth. But it often takes time to exchange the voucher to a real pass, especially at Tokyo station. So I recommend to exchange it soon after arriving in Japan since you are allowed to exchange it up to a month earlier than the date you plan to start using it.

Mauro B. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

It's simply one of the best tools available for any tourist visiting Japan.

Aimee L. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

I love how she help me throughout my first time in Japan. I'm impressed by the level of service. I will definitely recommend it to others. Thanks.

Anne V. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

easy to order online, ease of getting extras, good explanations...clean, ontime trains

Wayne S. - Nov 15 2019 - 4/5

All trains were clean and operated on time. Definitely a preferable means of transport within Japan.

Pascal P. - Nov 15 2019 - 5/5

User friendly, fast delivery.

4,8 / 5
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