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Gabriel G. - May 28 2018 - 5/5

Very satisfied

Jason T. - May 27 2018 - 5/5


philip S. - May 27 2018 - 5/5

very satisfied

Yumi S. - May 27 2018 - 5/5


Thomas Glen W. - May 26 2018 - 5/5

We found that the Japan Rail Pass not only provided a less expensive, more convenient, faster, and less confusing than the alternatives of car rental or buying individual tickets on the trains. The JR offices were extremely helpful once we landed in Japan.

Paweł P. - May 26 2018 - 5/5

JR pass is a must have if you want to fully experience Japan. Trains are convenient, fast and are part of Japanese culture.

Craig A. - May 26 2018 - 5/5

Super easy to obtain; good follow up with questions.

Stephen T. - May 26 2018 - 5/5

I enjoyed my experience with Japan Rail. The trains were on time , clean, fast and comfortable and the boarding and ticketing processes were easy and efficient.

Ada Aleksandrovna R. - May 26 2018 - 5/5

Japan Rail Pass made our travels in Japan seamless. Picking up at the airport was a huge help. \nI wish we had known that we need to activate our passes upon arrival - we ended up missing a dinner reservation as we had to wait in line for 2 hours. Otherwise, everything was great!

Marion B. - May 26 2018 - 5/5

It is really nice to have, don't have to worry about much. The only suggestion I have is to make sure people know about a phone app that specifically tells you scheduling and if the trains used are all JR Pass friendly. I ended up using the "*** App" which was extremely useful join

Daniel S. - May 26 2018 - 4/5

passes worked great. Map PDF was a little disappointing, more of a tourist booklet than a useful map.

Yves R. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

We took the Green pass or first class. The quality, cleanliness, flexibility, frequency and most of all, on time arrivals and departures, made it a fabulous expérience we do not hesitate to recommand.

Jacqui B. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

My experience was good overall. Personally I had to ask around where I could pick up my JR pass and I was sent to different floors. So I would recommend to have signs in the international terminal in the airport that indicates where the JR office is so it's easier and faster to collect the pass.

Alice Z. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

The delivery of the passes was super fast. Really appreciated the fact that there was tracking so that I knew when the passes would arrive. I wish it was a bit more clear in regards to which trains you could use or couldn't. It was a bit vague. I wish it came with a list.

alison G. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

I even accidentally left my pass on the train and it was returned to me.

William D. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Japan Rail pass is fabulous, The trains are excellent , fast, on time, comfortable, and best of all, in our case, they had an English translation so it was easy to know where we were and when to get off. It was easy to use our pass at the stations & the JR offices were easy for booking in advance.

Meng L. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

It great. Would buy it again

Kantaya K. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Money well spent! Super helpful and pleasant staff. Thank you. <3

Greg H. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

JR Pass made my experience so much more convenient. Everything was easy and worth the cost. I will definitely purchase again

Melanie B. - May 25 2018 - 4/5

Not as many lines were JR as I thought, but the pass was still super handy. Seller delivered quick, was easy to figure out.

MARIA M. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

The pass was so useful and saved us a lot of money. We were able to go to a lot of places without breaking the bank with train fares. Highly recommend it!

Richard B. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Everything was okay. Excellent service.

Genevieve J. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Really helpful. I don't know how we would've have managed without it. Love the shipping directly to the hotel. The USB cord was missing, would've have been better than the electric outlet cord. Would have like a better battery life, or a % of how much battery we have left (bars weren't precise).

Ann-Kristin P. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

The Train was always clean and punctual

Leslie W. - May 25 2018 - 4/5

*** I am very satisfied with my Japan Rail Pass experiences. One problem I had has already been solved. I wanted to buy the Rail Pass and do the activation locally (Hawaii) and now I can do that. I would give 5 stars if you would offer a 10 day pass.

Cody D. - May 25 2018 - 5/5


Hunt J. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

It was everything explained on your website.

Ann H. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

***\nFrom emailing To our arrival at the station the ladies exchanging our tickets were wonderful, the staff onboard so professional but the best experience are the trains!, so clean and so comfortable,.Riding on the Shinkansen will be exciting memory we will never forget , Thank You

Gabriel C. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Easy and clear to use and purchase

Nancy H. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

I had the best vacation in Japan and purchasing our JR passes prior to arrival was the best thing.

Joyce L. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

They arrived quickly, the use was easy, it comes with a map and directions. It took a little time to study the material, but everything made sense. Great service! Thank you :)

Hannah S. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

We loved having the rail pass!! It gave us so much flexibility in our travels and the trains themselves are very well maintained. The JR employees were all extremely helpful and nice.

olivier B. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

JRP is a great value. We have used the JR lines extensively and the total cost would have been at least 3x higher had we purchased tickets individually.\nThe purchasing system using a voucher is simple and efficient. \nWould definitely recommend to friends.

Charmaine C. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Everything is beyond my expectations. So convenient and I highly recommend

Robert S. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Very satisfied!

maxwell H. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Fast and efficient. No problems whatsoever.

Marianna K. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Very straightforward process, easy to use

Kris R. - May 25 2018 - 4/5

Navigating the website was straightforward and made it easy to pick the right type of rail pass for our needs. The included maps are a plus!

Axel S. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

saved a lot of many for my travel in Japan.

Eva R. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Unlimited possibilities to discover Japan by train 😊

Lindsay T. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

The pass enabled us to use the JR system from Tokyo to Sapporo. The 6 day flex pass is the best value when visiting the Hokkaido region. We were able to see everything using the East-South Hokkaido JR Pass. I hope they can make similar flex JR passes for other areas of Japan.

Sarah K. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Odts If it\nCjAriuadhetcpl

Mario H. - May 25 2018 - 4/5

Everyone will benefit from making the pass digital and available in a mobile phone app. Less prone to be loss or damaged and easier to validate in all stations.

Emanuela T. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Very good

Paola G. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Easy process and my train pass was delivered quickly

Boris P. - May 25 2018 - 5/5

Clear and easy going service with prompt delivery.

Hermann P. - May 24 2018 - 5/5

Totally satisfied. All expectations fulfilled.

Qiongyan Z. - May 24 2018 - 5/5

It is easy to use.

Hermann P. - May 24 2018 - 5/5

Totally satisfied. All expectations fulfilled.

Qiongyan Z. - May 24 2018 - 5/5

It is easy to use.

4,8 / 5
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