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MARTIN C. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

The purchase on the web was done without any problem and the delivery was fast.

ANGEL A. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

I am very satisfied, because I have no problem to reserve travels, the procedures were simple and fast, all services were on time and excelent response of all people

Nada A. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5


Karl R. - Jun 22 2017 - 4/5

We had a great time riding the JR trains. The Green Car pass, for us, was well worth the extra money. Shinkansen is a quick and easy way to travel in Japan.

Stephen L. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Amazingly efficient service. Had our JR Passes delivered by FEDEX the next day. Thank you!

Debasis S. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Very smooth and stress-free process. We got our voucher on time and it was very easy to redeem once in Japan.

Edward I. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

The Pass itself is fantastic and super convenient. Prior to my trip, I wasn't sure how effective it would be. The only annoying part was when I went to pick up the Pass at the JR office in Haneda Airport because the line was incredibly long and slow after my 14-hour flight.

Joel H. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

I was very satisfied with my purchase. The seller took the time to clearly answer the questions I had regarding my purchase and the exchange tickets came in the mail very quickly. I will definitely use them again the next time I travel to Japan.

Andrea M. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5


John S. - Jun 22 2017 - 4/5

Tickets arrived within a short period of time, able to track its delivery. Queuing to exchange voucher for pass was annoying. Travel on all trains was great - clean, punctual, with English information available.

Daniel C. - Jun 22 2017 - 4/5

Very convenient. But, it could be a bit time consuming to get seat reservations at times, and sometimes there could be a backup going through the gates.

Jay I. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Good experience with your company

Khalid A. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Everything is great

sumalee S. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

It' s quite convenient to get around Japan. It works great.

Paul K. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

It's difficult to understand where you will have access to before arriving. \nBut once there, then it is so easy to use and helped us get around to where we needed to go. \nThe JRP calculator was great for peace of mind too to make sure it was value for money for our specific trip.

TAKAHITO G. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Love to visit many places I can. Having a pass made my travel in Japan very easy. I definitely used the pass more than what it's worth.

Britney P. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Excellent value and serice!

Suraj S. - Jun 22 2017 - 4/5

Out of all the Japan Rail Pass sellers this was the most appealing and turned out quite an easy experience. It was a bit disconcerting when I submitted a question to receive a personal Out of Office email response as I thought I was dealing with an organization and not an individual.

Anne V. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Easy process. Quick delivery.

van T. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Ordered from the website is easy. Received email confirmation with clear instructions. Pocket wifi worked wonderfully. Prices are reasonable. Ease of pick up at air port and drop off in provided envelop.

Brittany S. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Website is great and easy to order. Jrail pass came quickly and directions in renting portable wifi were very clear and easy! I direct everyone to this site if they are traveling to Japan!

Piers R. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Excellent value and ease of use particularly when you do not speak Japanese

Rebecca G. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

perfect for seeing and experiencing japan, although a big spend initially it is well worth it in the long run and made popping on trains for the day or long journeys quick and effortless.

Murat Y. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5


SULTAN E. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

I had a 7 day pass and enjoyed every ride. Trains were all on time and clean. Special thanks to lost-and-found department for finding my camera battery

ROWENA V. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

delivery is always on time. i love the service.

Federica C. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

it's an amazing and easy way to move across Japan, totally worth it. Japan experience did a super good job for shipping the voucher.

Danae O. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Quick delivery

Liisa S. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

It was great, like a VIP pass. It allwed us to skip thorugh most train gates rather than queueing up with other people

Kate P. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Easy and efficient my pocket wifi was waiting for me the day I arrived at the airport like I scheduled. No issues at all, it was a wonderful experience.

Florence R. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

Prompt service by seller. Easy to convert voucher at Tokyo.

Jerry E. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

The system worked well, and we had no problem receiving the vouchers. The wait at the Narita exchange office was much longer than it should have been. as they only had 2-3 agents working.

Carlos O. - Jun 22 2017 - 4/5

The majority of the staff at the train stations were very helpful in helping us find the correct boarding stations.

Arpan B. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5


Kikuo S. - Jun 22 2017 - 5/5

The pass made our trips in Japan very enjoyable and economical. Completely satisfied.

Daisy L. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Was great, fast delivery as expected

laura C. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5


Lars B. - Jun 21 2017 - 4/5

Very Nice system, With easy booking of seats on Trains at stations. Considerably easier than buying independent tickets for each Journey and cheaper aswell.\nGood Product.

Maria Celina V. - Jun 21 2017 - 4/5

The JR Pass is convenient when travelling through different parts of Japan. Quite pricey but reasonable.

Johannes E. - Jun 21 2017 - 4/5

everything worked smoothly, only the fact that you can lose a lot of time when queuing to change your voucher to the actual rail pass at the train-station is not so nice.

Agnieszka G. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

With Japan Rail Pass we could travel around Japan in a most convenient, fast, and pleasant manner. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting.

Noelia G. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Very satisfied with the service, the attention, the information and the care of the staff. The trains are comfortable and punctual.

Julie M. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Great service. Easy to use. Very efficient.

Su Fei L. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Pros: easy to use, worth the value for multiple trips on Shinkansen\nCons: long queue when exchanging voucher to JR pass, size is too big (would be better if can fit in wallet or purse), material- paper (so need to make sure that it doesn't get wet)

Emily A. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

So convenient and easy to use, and an awesome money saver!

Kurt C. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

The website was a bit confusing at times as I wanted 100% confirmation that the national pass was indeed inclusive of all other passes. After researching more and confirming via other sites and other reviews across the internet, I found my answer. Overall, service was good. Pass was quite useful!

Edward M. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Passes arrived quickly and the maps and train schedules were very helpful.

Fahmina R. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Very good service, no complaints.

Leighton O. - Jun 21 2017 - 4/5

Great service from staff. I only wish there were more places to get the rail pass in Japan, that would make my review 5 stars instead of 4

Matthew L. - Jun 21 2017 - 5/5

Picking up our Japan Rail Pass from the office was easy, even as our first interaction in Japan. Every employee was very courteous and efficient. Using the pass was great, and allowed us to travel nearly anywhere with ease.

4,8 / 5
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