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Alejandro M. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Great option for people who want to visit lots of places. \nI recommend forwarding the bags from hotel to hotel so you travel bagfree so you cant hop on hop off and get to know a bit of everywhere you pass by.\nFor train schedules use hyperdia http://www.hyperdia.com/sp/\nAlso Google Maps worked great

Conor S. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Really easy to order, delivery was quick without any issues. The Rail pass itself was invaluable in Japan, rail is definitely the way to see this beautiful country.

Dennis D. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

The trains are clean, plenty of room, staff are professional and friendly.

Adam L. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Very easy to buy and arrived promptly.

Elizabeth S. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Best train I've ever taken. Ultimate comfort, exceptional service and cleanliness.

Seetala D. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

It was fast and easy to order the pass through website.

emma D. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Everything about buying and obtaining the Japan Rail Pass was excellent!

Michael D. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Excellent Rail Pass for those taking multiple trips and affords lots of flexibility when plans change suddenly.

Melissa V. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Excellent, I didn't have any issues, I received the jrpass and the simcard in a really short time and the price was lower than anywhere else. Thank you so much

Lynn H. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

I ordered both the wifi hot spot and prepaid cards. Easy to order, cards arrived right away and the pickup of the wifi hot spot at Narita was super convenient. The wifi signal was great, even from the cruise ship. Easy return with the prepaid postage return envelope.

Alex G. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Great experience and service

Jacob W. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Received more value than we paid for.

Rudi L. - Nov 21 2018 - 4/5

Very fast delivery to my home adress upon ordering. Exchange voucher into the actual railpass went smooth but an archaic procedure. Also not able to scan it but to show it to an official in a booth upon checkin and checkout was tiresome; it is also too large to carry in a pocket (jacket or trouser).

Shalini S. - Nov 21 2018 - 4/5

It was good but wish that we could’ve used it on more lines

Michael D. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Excellent service. Easy to order and purchase. Worked well in Japan. Would like it if additional option to include Nozumi trains was also available.

UWE K. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

The railpass itself arrived quickly and it was very easy to convert and use. Great experience.

maria M. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Good treatment, comfort, handy and punctual. Highly recommended

Adam M. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Everything was great! Fast delivery, easy purchase

Kathleen K. - Nov 21 2018 - 5/5

Easy to use, although initially a long wait to get the exchange pass converted to the JR Pass at the airport

FERNANDO B. - Nov 21 2018 - 4/5


Martha W. - Nov 20 2018 - 4/5

The rail pass was amazing, the Shinkansen was an experience on it's own. The only difficulty for us was the lack of English speaking staff to help us book tickets etc. The trains were immaculate and very efficient. We were able to take in many cities as a result.

Ryan W. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Very easy. So nice.

Setsuko S. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

I bought this Japan Rail Pass first time. I have been visiting every year to Japan but I always used\nflight to Hokkaido and Kyushu. But I found Rail Pass is very convenience for visitor.\nI am sure I will buy again this wonderful pass. Thank you.

MiguelAngel S. - Nov 20 2018 - 4/5

The system works well, in most places there is information to direct travelers and when help is needed, the staff was always courteous providing advice.\nThe experience would improve greatly by adding an smartphone app dedicated for the JR system to plan a journey, Hyperpedia app isn’t easy to use

Kurt K. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

This isn't the first time I used a JR pass & it worked well again. Japanese is a second language for me & all of the people that worked in the train stations were patient with me as I bumbled my way through explaining to them where/when I wanted to go. I will get another on my next trip to Japan.

Miguel M. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Entire process was easy to deal with

CHIAK SHEN F. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

easy to use

Jian Rui H. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Very fast delivery. Clear Instructions. Previously came with a free reference book.

Pavel K. - Nov 20 2018 - 4/5

I think it can be a little bit cheaper and some of the devices are too old and have some battery & behavior issues.

Cristina S. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

It was easy to order online. The Rail Pass was delivered in less than 3 days and we did not had any problems with it in Japan. We have recommended the site to all our friends visiting Japan in the next months.

Flores L. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

I definitely recommend the pass. It’s an excellent value and convenient for limitless travel throughout Japan.

Ann V. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

I found the information on the rail pass to be very straightforward and informative. I never felt lost or at a loss when it came time to use it. I managed to find everything on the pass itself - how to use it, which rail systems were included in the pass and where the pass can be used.

MICHAL F. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Everything was good and without any problems. If you have HYPERDIA app it’s much easier to travel.

WOON YIN H. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Great Experience with JR, the JR staffs are super friendly and helpful!

Praem R. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

fast delivery , easy instructions on how to get your rail pass and so on\n\nReally reccomend the site!

Ivo A. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Very easy to use, very helpful service!

Kirsten B. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Travelling on trains in Japan was fantastic and hassle free with the JR pass because we could travel on all JR and affliliated trains by simply passing by a manned booth at the stations in preference to having to purchase tickets and line up to pass through ticket collection machines.

William L. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

No advice. A well run system. A wonderful experience.

Charles G. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Highly recommend purchasing the voucher for Japan Rail prior to the trip. The exchange process for the actual JR Pass was quick and painless!

Dzu L. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5


Anna G. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Maybe include more about procedures in the mailing you. For example, it would be helpful to know that we always have to show our pass to the gate agent when going into and out of the train station and to not bother with the automated gates.

Michael H. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

*** Great deal, enabled us to explore much more than we could have otherwise. It was very easy to use and JR employees were very friendly and helpful! The only thing I could suggest would be to allow specific number of days rather than just 7 or 14 (e.g. 10 days).

David P. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Easy to use. Helpful staff. Clean and efficient trains.

Alexander E. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

This was the second time I've used Japan-rail-pass.com and I had no issues with my order. I was recommended Japan-rail-pass.com and any time I talk to someone that will be traveling to Japan I make the same recommendation.

Madicyn H. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

It was incredibly easy to show the pass at the stations, and saved me so much time and effort.

Ekaterina P. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Great experience

Andrew W. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

If you use the Shinkansen or JR lines, the Japan Rail Pass is by far the best and cheapest way to go.

David C. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Easy to order and easy to collect once in Japan, would be nice if it could be delivered prior to arrival.\nOnly just economical, typically unless travelling every day for the duration of the pass would you be paying less for the JR Pass than normal fares. I.e. 2x NEX Plus Tokyo to Kyoto return.

Michael H. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

My order arrived astoundingly fast! I had my Suica card preloaded and ready for my arrival in Tokyo so was able to swiftly get to my destination without having to figure out the Suica kiosks until later when I could do so at my leisure. I’m enormously pleased with my order!

Sten M. - Nov 20 2018 - 5/5

Simple and easy.

4,8 / 5
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