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Wen T. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

I have used the services offered by Japan Experience a couple of times. I am very happy with them. The items arrived on time and instructions are clear. I will definitely use their services for my future trips to Japan. Great job and Thanks very much for your help in the past.

Tyler G. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

Everything worked perfectly and customer support was really quick and helpful when I had a question!

Mayra C. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

Loved having the Japan rail pass during our trip in Japan! It made getting around during our honeymoon very easy, especially since we didn't stay in one place.

Beverley J. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

Very easy to use. We planned our rail travel before traveling toJapan so we could book all the train tickets at the JR office at Narita Airport. This saved us a lot of time. Green class was worth the extra money.

Michael F. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

Ordered SIM cards for Japan, they were easy to activate, worked fine, everything perfect.

MONICA B. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

All good. A way to add more days for internet, after the initial purchase, would be nice.

Eric K. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

professional, quick, always accurate, simple to use service.

Daniel G. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

Rail pass and wifi router were easy to use and exactly as expected.\n\nOnly "critique" I might add is that there was some confusion about how we needed to convert the rail pass that arrived in the mail at the ER counter. Might just have been I who missed that part in your info though.

Samantha C. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

This was my first trip to Japan, and having the Japan Rail Pass was invaluable. It was an easy process to exchange the pre-paid voucher for the actual Pass. The Rail Pass made travel across the country, and within several cities, easy and manageable.

Maxim K. - Jan 22 2020 - 4/5

It definitely encouraged me to travel more during my visit. Things that could be improved:\n- Ability to use it at turnslides.\n- Reduce it’s size to match credit card, or at least to fit in a passport cover.\n- provide a map or a list of the local JR lines in cities like Tokyo an Kyoto.

Elena M. - Jan 22 2020 - 4/5

I did not know where to go in the station to pick up or activate the pass. The line was VERY long - we had to wait for an hour to do so. I would have preferred a way to reserve seats online versus having to do it in person at the station. Please offer 10-day pass option.

Kathleen B. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

We loved using the trains. If only the USA had such a system. They were also easy to use - once we got the hang of it. Our first venture into a train station was intimidating but with a little guidance we did fine. The trains, the food and the shopping were all part of the experience.

Maya J. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

Using the Japan Rail Pass was an easy, convenient, and economical way to travel Japan. Assistance was always available at any station when needed, and I never had problems using it.

Danielle M. - Jan 22 2020 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass was very convenient and easy to use! We were able to get reserved seats on all the trains.

JUAN MANUEL A. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Everything has been very quick and easy

Tyler R. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

My wife and I purchased a 5 day rail pass to be used in the Tohoku area. We found it very convenient for getting around the areas that we wanted to see. Staff in the various rail stations were also very helpful in directing us to our platforms when had any questions. For us it was a good value.

Lowell K. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

We made three major trips from Tokyo using the pass. It was good value and glad we bought the passes for our family of four

Lisa N. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Quick service

Arnel O. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

This is my 3rd time to use JR Pass and it never fail my expectation. The services are the best and each personnel are so accommodating and always ready to help.

Irina A. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Everything was just excellent!

ALIAKSANDR V. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Everything was perfect.

Johan F. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Delivery was quick, the product worked perfectly and instructions were very clear.

Felice M. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

loved it. smother service ever

matthew S. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Quick, easy and great value. Would recommend and use again

HUAY YI H. - Jan 21 2020 - 4/5

The JR Pass is expensive and the price goes up every year for the past 2 times I purchased.

Sharon T. - Jan 21 2020 - 4/5

The experience was great, the train are amazing and we had no trouble at stations, however, having to queue each time you need a ticket, especially at the big stations like Tokyo or Osaka means a longer wait. The tickets were at the hotel as requested.

judd O. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

I liked how easy it was to use on all the different trains. The staff was very nice and professional at the ticket counters and on the trains.

Akshay Ram M. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

It was tremendous value for money and the process of receiving the Rail Pass by *** to our country of residence was great. In so far as booking trains and actually using the J Rail trains, it was far better than expected. In all, the entire system is perfectly on point. I'd highly recommend it.

Kazunori K. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

It is pretty ordinary for us to purchase the pass whenever I go back to Japan. This time, I bought 3 weeks' pass for the first time which was great to have us plan trips all over Japan with more diversified variety. We actuary traveled from Hakodate to Kagoshima all across the islands on Shinkansen.

Ricardo M. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

The process to acquire the JRP was quite easy. Maybe adding Amex (or PayPal) to the payment options would be a good idea.

Robert D. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

The Japan Rail Pass allowed us to see more cities than we had anticipated. It was a great experience.

Kim K. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

The travel planner was extremely helpful to decide the value of the rail pass in conjunction with our trip itinerary. Also, we purchased the rail book and which was very useful in its descriptions of the interesting facts at each stop (even if we did not get off there). Easy to purchase Suica Cards.

Tsuru T. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

It was a very quick process, all online, no document mailing, etc. Everything was accomplished in a few minutes.

Pawel M. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5


Osmar C. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

My experience was wonderful. Everything was beyond expectation the service, the convenience, the natural beauty and most of all the people. Thank you Japan Rail pass

Geonwoo P. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Very easy to obtain and use.

MARGARET M. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

Excellent system and we would travel with a rail pass again. We benefitted also by meeting incredibly helpful English-speaking staff at several JR stations who took the time to help us foreigners to understand the system and make seat reservations.

Denis K. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

very useful thing, order and use it. cheers

Virginia M. - Jan 21 2020 - 5/5

This pass was a good value and easy to use.

George W. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

The JR Pass was very convenient to use!. The only thing that I wish could be changed, is when the pass is lost there would be a way to obtain a new copy without having to buy a new one.

Ahmad A. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

This is my second time buying from your website and I am completely satisfied with the experience and fast delivery.

Jason M. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

Process was easy, and in Japan, I had no difficulty collecting the pass at Tokyo station.

Luis D. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

Great job both *** and pocket wifi worked very good plus the jr railpass is a must for the best japan experience

Tiffany M. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

Easy to exchange pass once in Japan. Staff at JR ticket stations were very kind and helpful. The JR pass helped save time and money for our trip.

Robert G. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

Excellent services

Louise H. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

We ordered the Personal WiFi while we were travelling around Japan. The instructions on how to pick up were clear. The WiFi itself worked brilliantly and dropping it back off at the airport was really easy. A great service.

niva S. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

The best thing was the nice service that the people in the *** gave us\nVery clear efficient and polite

Roman B. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

very smart and comfortable way for travelers

Darcy G. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

Getting your pass is no problem, everyone is very helpful, all the train stations have very good information for visitors, and we never had to wait in long lines. They are super efficient and there were no problems.

Luís C. - Jan 20 2020 - 5/5

Very satisfied with the product. A must buy item to travel across several cities in Japan. Will buy it again for sure.

4,8 / 5
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