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Visuvenkat E. - Apr 05 2020 - 5/5

Excellent experience we had . With this pass we lived as if we are native of Japan . Kudos

Jakub B. - Apr 05 2020 - 5/5

This solution is great, the ease of communication is breathtaking.

Sean M. - Apr 05 2020 - 5/5

The service was excellent, the passes were delivered so quickly and communication was perfect.

ERIC K. - Apr 05 2020 - 4/5

The rail pass experience was perfect, except to have the pass validated upon arrival at Narita airport. The wait time was about almost an hour at the Japan rail office.

Suzanne K. - Apr 05 2020 - 5/5

1 can the gentleman in california. *** piece of work\n2. call staff in london very professional courteous\n3 staff at the railroad stations in japan are sevond to none. fantastic and easy eorking with all of them.

Binh N. - Apr 05 2020 - 5/5

Very convenient, worth with value.\nShould use JR Pass while travel to Japan. So many benefits and great value

Karissa S. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Easy to navigate

Daniel S. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Staff was extremely nice and went out of their way to make sure I was able to sit with my friends who bought there tickets at separate times. Trains were always very clean. Thank you!

Wilberto M. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Easy to follow instructions. I saved money on the Shinkansen. I will use them again on my next Japan trip.

Lorelle S. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Loved the ease of getting the pass and for using it as well..\nQuick delivery and easy explanation of what to do.

Erlend S. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Worked perfectly

Christopher M. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Everything was very organized and ran very efficiently.

Tore G. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

Better than expected.

Joshua T. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

The JR stations were very easy to find and the lines very easy to navigate. It made our whole trip to Japan much easier and less stressful.

Kayla M. - Apr 04 2020 - 4/5

I would normally rate 5 stars - I always use Japan-Rail-Pass to order my JRpass and pocket wifi for Japan (~2x per year). But recently the quality of the wifi has declined. I have more trouble connecting to the network and the battery life is shorter. No issues with pass delivery via fedEx.

vinh N. - Apr 04 2020 - 5/5

due to the Covid19 crisis ,I had to cancel my trip to Japan ,I requested the refund of my Japan Rail pass and it was done easily . I hope that I can visit Japan next year .

Tim C. - Apr 03 2020 - 5/5

Excellent Service on world-class trains. Love the whole experience and highly recommend it to all travelers. Thank You!!

Spencer M. - Apr 03 2020 - 5/5

Literally no complaints. I ordered a pass and it showed up to my Vancouver address in a matter of days. Plus I had a question in regards to my pass and a rep got back to me right away over the phone and answered all my questions. Will definitely use this service again.

KIERAN M. - Apr 03 2020 - 5/5

japan rail pass offers very good value to travel all over japan very fast

Antonio D. - Apr 03 2020 - 5/5

Excellent service and great price. I hope I can return someday

Erik L. - Apr 03 2020 - 5/5

easy website to order, fast shipping, great service!

Linda H. - Apr 02 2020 - 4/5

Arrived very quickly and us very useful in travelling around Japan

Paulo C. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

I had questions and your customer service was responsive and kind.

MEHMET P. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

I'm totally satisfied after using my Japan Rail Pass in my two previous trips to Japan ^^

Rex L. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

I liked the convenience of having a JR pass, however, I would suggest changing the method to an electronic card or app, rather than having a paper booklet that isn’t very convenient to carry.

Brenna H. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

Ordering was easy and the delivery for the passes was quick. Despite the cost initially, we saved a lot of money since we used our JR passes for a lot of our train rides. We used the Suica in conjunction with our JR passes and we were able to navigate through Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto easily.

Lee D. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

Very quick delivery and we had a great experience using the rail pass during our time Japan, a definite must if you are visiting Japan.

Daniel C. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

The experience buying the rail pass on your website was easy and efficient. The rail pass itself made traveling in Japan a breeze. I will never travel to Japan again without my rail pass. Thank you!!

Andrew W. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

fantastic thank you

michael P. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

Easy to use and saves money.

Julian A. - Apr 02 2020 - 5/5

Super easy and convenient! No issues at all!

Carlos A. - Apr 01 2020 - 5/5

It was terrific, every moment was great in each station. We always got information and help in any place that we visited.

Alejandro U. - Apr 01 2020 - 4/5

It is awesome because Shinkansen. But in our trip I needed to take 3 or 4 times transportation from other companies.

Brian C. - Apr 01 2020 - 5/5

It was very easy to use, and I used it a lot when I had it. Thanks :)

Juan M. - Apr 01 2020 - 5/5

Stellar service. I wish the rest of the world can one day be like the Japan rail system. Thank you.

Chad S. - Apr 01 2020 - 5/5

I've ALWAYS used this website when I need to get a JR Pass or Pocket Wifi and it has always been reliable and consistent. I will look no further and continue to use this service in the future.

Deborah M. - Apr 01 2020 - 4/5

The only problem I had was not understanding where to exchange what we received in the mail for the real pass. Once we had the real pass, it was very easy to use, and very convenient.

Laura R. - Mar 31 2020 - 4/5

My purse, which contained my rail pass, was stolen the second day in Japan. I was an hour away from my hotel at the time and had no way to return. I wish there was a way to look up rail passes or have them replaced.

Jonah N. - Mar 31 2020 - 5/5

Very helpful on my trip, thank you very much!

Adrienne M. - Mar 31 2020 - 5/5

The seller agents were very helpful and knowledgable. The pass was super easy to use!

Grazyna P. - Mar 31 2020 - 5/5

The pass was easy to use, I would highly recommend for everyone to purchase when travel to Japan.

Robyn C. - Mar 30 2020 - 4/5

It w as easy to obtain the pass and in Japan it was easy to change over to active pass with clear instructions. There were queues often to get the passes however.

Jason G. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Amazing value! Amazing convenience! A must have for visiting Japan!

Terry B. - Mar 30 2020 - 4/5

Too expensive

TIZIANA M. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

It is very easy to use the JPR

Peter F. - Mar 30 2020 - 4/5

No hassles with ticketing, although there was a delay at the beginning of trip when getting issued with actual pass at the office at Narita Airport. Creating account for free Wifi when traveling on JR East trains was highly problematic.

CHRISTOPHER K. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

JR Pass is great. The seller replied promptly when I emailed about concerns. No problems experienced with seller or the pass. Temporary SIM card also worked great when used with a newer phone. Thank you!

SARA W. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Very good.....wonderful trains and very clean and efficient. many thanks

GREIG T. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

One of the most useful, convenient and economical things I have ever come across. My Step Son and I traveled up and down Japan for two weeks, taking the Shinkansen numerous times. The money we would have spent buying tickets each time far exceeded the cost of the Pass (three fold at least).

Ellen Z. - Mar 30 2020 - 5/5

Very fast and easy to use

4,8 / 5
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